• Kurtis

    "People flock to him, he has that unique quality. If you know him, you want to be with him. Even grownups take to him," says his mom, Brandie. "I see leadership." She describes Kurtis as animated, personable, and fun. Kurtis stands out on the court for two reasons; first, he is really good at basketball and second, he has vitiligo.

  • Megan

    “Megan is an awesome girl, she's outgoing, smart, and above her years in age,” is how her mom, Paige, describes her. She’s bubbly, artistic, and learning to be a photographer. She loves to paint fingernails and she’s quite good at it, even better than some manicurists. Megan is 16-years-old and just finished her freshman year of high school. The year has provided some new challenges to a girl that looks different from most of the other kids.

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A Children's House For The Soul

Welcome to the website for A Children’s House for the Soul!  We are glad you are visiting our site and we hope we have the chance to connect with you personally sometime soon!  Our mission is to encourage and unite children and their families affected by skin disease and birthmarks by providing opportunities for social, emotional and spiritual support.



Social Support

A skin condition or birthmark can make you stand out- and not always in a good way.  Our goal is to bring together those who truly understand so they can develop a network of support and encouragement.

Emotional Support

It can be hard to be seen as different, especially when you are a child or teen.  Our goal is to help those affected embrace what makes them unique, learn positive coping strategies and celebrate their gifts.
Praying Hands

Spiritual Support

We realize at some point we just can’t do it on our own, and we need to have faith that there is a special plan for our lives.  Our goal is to encourage those affected to see difficulties as opportunities.